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Teri  Shanahan is an Acupuncturist working in Cavan

Specialising in the treatment of all types of Pain, Natural Fertility, Assisted Reproductive Support (IVF, IUI), Gynecology, Anxiety and Cancer Treatment Side Effects.

Traditional Acupuncture (TCM), Cosmetic Acupuncture, Auricular and Scalp Acupuncture, Sports Massage and Reflexology.

 Dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments for a variety of health issues in a caring and professional environment. 

Fertility acupuncture, IVF, assisted fertility

What I Treat

Anxiety mental health

Anxiety - Stress - PTSD

With COVID-19 continuing to make headlines, family’s living together 24/7 and many people unable to mix with friends and family members, a growing number of people are understandable anxious.

Back pain muscle pain

General arthritic pain, acute or chronic pain, sciatica and reduced movement.

Chemo Induced Side effects nausea

Chemo-Induced Side Effects

Pain, Nausea, Hot sweats, Fatigue, Dry mouth and Peripheral Nephropathy


Fertility Acupuncture

Fertility & Pregnancy Support.

Drug-free relief for many pregnancy-related conditions and for natural conception support.

What Happens During The Initial Consultation?

Each treatment is aimed at the root of your condition as well as at your symptoms. This approach helps with not only resolving your problem , it also enhances your overall feeling of wellness. 

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Customer's Feedback

Absolutely fantastic. Teri has helped me sort a few health and physical issues, for which I will always feel eternally grateful. Thank you



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